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NeuroStar TMS Therapy is a biologically-based, non-invasive, medication-free treatment provided in an out-patient setting. It is a major paradigm shift in the field of psychiatry which traditionally has relied upon medication and talk therapy. NeuroStar TMS specifically focuses on a specific area of the brain associated with the disorder, treating the brain directly, with a safe MRI-like technology. Because it is non-systemic, there are none of the side effects associated with medication and there are no cognitive impairments.


NeuroStar TMS should NOT be considered a “last resort” treatment. The FDA guidelines state that only one medication course, in adequate duration and dosage, need be completed for the treatment to be “on label.”At TMS Provider Services of America we take the time to get to know our patients, discussing their motivations and goals. Our doctors, administration, and staff have years of experience and understand the uniqueness the mental health needs of both men and women who are serious about getting their lives back on track.


COVID19: If you think you have been exposed to COVID‑19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical assessment. For more information click here. 

We are excited to now offer Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments as well as Infrared Light Therapy in adjunct to TMS Treatment. 


Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and Low Level Light Therapy Options!

TMS Provider Services of Vero Beach and Fort Lauderdale are excited to offer Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (mHBOT) and Low Level Light Therapy as an adjunct to ongoing TMS Treatments or as an alternative approach to chronic medical and mental health issues.

Hyperbaric O2  has been around since the 1600’s and has proven to be effective in helping the BODY HEAL.

OXYGEN is provided to Red Blood Cells and to PLASMA (fluid bathing your RBCs, WBCs and Platelets). Up to 50% or more OXYGEN is provided to tissues by just relaxing in a Comfortable Hyperbaric Chamber! The addition of Low Level & Near InfraRed Light Therapy applied to specific locations, causes the release of NITROUS OXIDE stored in the vessel walls. This maximizes dilatation of circulatory vessels which INCREASES arterial blood flow with INCREASED oxygen in PLASMA providing an


as an alternative option for PAIN RELIEF, damaged & inflamed or poorly oxygenated tissue.


Welcome to TMS Provider Services of America

A Premier NeuroStar TMS Provider

An Integrated and Interventional Approach to Mental Health Care




Anxiety Disorder


We can’t thank you enough for accepting (LC) into your program. TMS has given (L) her life back. It has made our family whole again. TMS is nothing short of a miracle! If there is something could do in return, please let us know. You can give our email or home phone number to others that would like to talk to a family that’s been through this experience. We would be happy to recommend TMS of America!

- AC (mother of patient)

The first thing I noticed about treatment with TMS was the ability to smile – a genuine smile, an easy smile…and the ability to laugh. I am actually glad to get up each morning; I understand what it is like to “greet” the day. TMS is freedom. It has given me what no other treatment, method or drug has given to me. It is almost as though it has reached down into my core, pervaded my being, and relieved the sadness, the apathy, the pain. I feel what I have always believed to be ‘normal’.

~ HJ

Dr. Ramos is a great doctor. He took his time with me and listened to all my crazy problems and depression. He did not make me feel rushed. My appointment actually lasted for 45 minutes even though I was only scheduled for a 30 minute appointment. He took the time to talk to me about TMS treatments for depression. He even took the time to let me sit in the chair and explain how it worked. Having been to several other psychiatrists, he is the only one that made me feel comfortable. His staff is very friendly and understanding



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If you are a current patient, please use to Patient Portal for non-emergent inquiries regarding medications and appointments.


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