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Conditions We Treat

TMS should NOT be considered a “last resort” treatment. The FDA guidelines state that only one medication course, in adequate duration and dosage, need be completed for the treatment to be “on label.” Each treatment course is customized specifically to the patient and pro-actively monitored according to the individual’s response.


The practice of Psychiatry has historically been a “procedure limited” specialty until now. TMS Provider Services of America provide services not only to patients but also services for Psychiatrists interested in an opportunity to offer TMS in their acilities without the falling into common pitfalls in opening a TMS facility.


The FDA cleared NeuroStar TMS in 2008 for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and since then there has been many off label treatments (ie Anxiety, PTSD, Migraines, etc) that have since been determined to be effective. TMS has permanently changed the field of Psychiatry by providing a cutting edge procedure that been proven with exceptional efficacy.


Here are the list of the Conditions that TMS May become an alternative for you:

For conditions where TMS may not be consider an alternative treatment, or for patients that might not be considered suitable candidates for TMS, TMS Provider Services of America also offers conventional Psychotherapy and Med Management.

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