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TMSPSA NOW Providing mild-HBOT!

(mild-hyperbaric oxygen therapy)

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Why HBOT? Air contains life’s most essential nutrient for human beings called Oxygen. Oxygen is carried by red blood cells to every part of our body and body tissue, and finally combust or react with food to create high energy molecules in a form of energy that the body can use called ‘cellular (ATP) energy’. This is the body’s currency ($) for energy. The more energy ($) it has, the more the body will grow, heal, regenerate, and function. The use of high pressure chambers (called hyperbaric chambers) has been used in hospitals traditionally for emergency conditions requiring extra oxygen. Understanding the importance of this nutrient, why not use a medically-proven technology to get more oxygen into your body for non-emergency conditions!

Hyperbaric oxygen is a proven medical treatment, used in hospitals and wound care centers for 14 very serious conditions, where this procedure delivers a significantly higher concentration of oxygen into the body. This is done by providing breathing 100% oxygen, at pressures that normally range between 33 and 66 feet below sea level. The combination allows for a very high ‘dose’ of oxygen. This normally requires medical supervision and attention for observation and limitations of side effects, including oxygen toxicity.

Mild Hyperbaric Therapy is a much simpler procedure, that allows for an extremely safe increase in tissue oxygen levels. This procedure is applied medically for those suffering from altitude sickness, where higher elevations can cause dangerously low oxygen levels in the body. The physiological increase in oxygen provided by the mild hyperbaric chamber is just enough to help these individuals prevent major long-term damages. This is accomplished by going only around 10 feet below sea level and breathing regular filtered air. By going  to a lower depth of pressure and by NOT using HIGH oxygen concentrations, mild hyperbaric therapy is an extremely safe way to cause a significant enhancement of oxygen in the body.

One major advantage that mild hyperbaric therapy gives, is that the extra oxygen absorbed by the body is dissolved in the blood plasma that carries the red blood cells. This means that there is a potential for oxygen to get into deeper areas of the body where red blood cells (due to size) cannot get into. Inflammation is a common example, where oxygen delivered through a hyperbaric chamber can get deep into the inflamed tissue, and begin the repair process. Other studies where mild-HBOT has shown to be effective include: MigrainesAutismCancer, Stem Cell Growth, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain trauma, Stroke, PTSD, Sports injuries, Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritic Pain

Is mild-HBOT right for me? Is it SAFE?

As the popularity of hyperbaric chambers grows, we need to carefully educate the public and stay within the regulatory guidelines. As of now, all hyperbaric chambers are classed as a medical device, even the mild hyperbaric chambers, which means that it is important that you are screened for safety, and are given a prescription from a licensed doctor authorized in your area to prescribe oxygen. In addition, you should be informed that unless you are using the hyperbaric chamber for one of the medically-approved conditions, this application is defined as being off-label and should not be used to treat a medical condition, without looking at approved medical options. Hyperbarics has a very good safety record. Many hyperbaric centers report only mild otic discomfort as a contraindication to therapy. Such a discomfort is similar to the ear pressure felt when ascending or descending in altitude. These discomforts may be minimized by descending at a slower rate. Discuss these concerns with the treating physician and hyperbaric technician.


We would be more than happy to go over all this, so that you are well aware of the reasons and consequences of going into a hyperbaric chamber. This is not only for your safety, but also so that you are able to have the best possible experience.


The only absolute contraindication to hyperbaric therapy is a collapsed lung. Others range depending on the pressure, time, and ultimate dosage that one receives. The higher the dosage, the greater the potential for risk which is why TMSPSA has chosen a mild dosing chamber. With high dosages, as used in hospital treatments, the following are precautions and risks that should be discussed if relevant.

  • Pregnancy

  • Seizure disorders

  • Ear pain

  • Cataracts

  • Emphysema and lung disease

  • Certain medications

  • Cold and flu symptoms


OxyHealth chambers are manufactured in the USA
in accordance to regulations and codes of the following
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