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New Patient Information


Currently we accept most major insurances.  To be sure that we are under your specific insurance plan, please check with your insurance ahead of time. When you call to schedule your first appointment, our staff members will ask you for your current insurance information. The reason we do this is so that we can verify that your policy has the correct coverage, in order to make your experience as smooth as possible.  

New Patient Forms

The forms will be provided in the office setting. These forms need to be completed prior to your appointment time.  We recommend that you fill them out prior to coming in for your first appointment and we ask that you come by the clinic ahead of your appointment. If you are unable to come to the clinic prior to the appointment, all new patients are advised to plan on arriving 30 minutes before their appointment so they can fill out all the necessary paperwork. We HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU HAVE THE PAPERWORK DONE COMPLETED PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME AS YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN AND RESCHEDULED.

Please take the time to review the information that each form either requests or provides. The Registration and Patient History forms contain questions that will allow our doctors to better understand both your medical and mental health history so that they have all the information necessary to begin to tailor a treatment plan specifically designed for you.  Our Consent For Obtain/Disclosure of Information form allows us to contact your previous health care providers and discuss your prior treatment plans and other information that would be beneficial in providing you with a high level of quality care. The HIPAA Policy and Consent Form outlines your protections and rights as a patient under the current HIPAA guidelines, so please take a minute to familiarize with these policies. Another form we ask that you read over and familiarize yourself with is the No Show/Cancellation Policy. In order for us to provide all of our patients with the same level of care we have to be able to provide each patient with their full appointment time. While we understand that things can come up suddenly, we ask that you please let us know in advance (at least 24 hours) if you need to cancel your appointment or if you are running late.  Due to the high volume of patient scheduling we request a 24 hour notification for a cancellation or a service fee will be charged for that appointment. The 24hr notice allows us to provide that time slot to another patient who may need that vacancy.

Credit Card Authorization Forms

This form is REQUIRED to be completed in order to guarantee your initial appointments and subsequent follow up appointments. By signing this form we are able to collect late fees as needed, setup installment plans should you require one, and that you are able to make all payments as needed. While we do require this form for your initial appointment, we hope that should you need to cancel an apointment you are able to call ahead in order to avoid any fees being charged to your card. Thank you for your understanding regarding this form. Should you have any questions regarding this form please do not hesitate to call or come into one of our offices. One of our staff members will gladly answer any questions you have regarding this form.


Current forms of payment we accept are cash and all major credit cards. Please be aware that we make every effort to update you prior to your appointment regarding any remaining balance on your deductible, copayments or co-insurance but ultimately you are responsible for monitoring your deductible. These may change if you have other medical appointments or procedures since your last appointment with us. If you have any questions regarding the acceptance of your insurance please feel free to call one of our offices today, and a staff member will be happy to answer your questions.


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