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Struggling with depression or anxiety? Have stressors that feel overwhelming? Life can be difficult and reaching out for help shouldn’t be. When a person’s day to day life is affected, the importance of getting adequate help and treatment is that much more.Therapy can help when you worry all the time, when you feel alone, when you are not enjoying life like you use to as well as many other reasons.


Therapy is available to address a wide range of personal issues and to treat a variety of psychological conditions including problems with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship and/or family issues, behavior issues, and work and/or school related concerns among others.  Provided by our staff psychologists in an individual, family, and group therapy setting. Services are offered for children, adolescents, and adults. Our psychologist works utilizing a variety of evidence based therapy models and with individualized treatment plans for each person. Therapy is also provided in conjunction with TMS treatments on a weekly basis. Combing TMS treatment with therapy can be helpful as therapy continues to work on coping skills for triggers and environmental factors exacerbating issuues in one’s life. 

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